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Luca Mantovani

With extensive experience  in the automotive industry at the service of Alfa Romeo and the prestigious International Centre for Safe Driving, owned by Andrea de Adamich, Luca established Eventi in Pista in 2009, with a view to bringing his expertise to the organisation of motor sport events.
In the meantime, he also worked as part of the start-up team at the Franciacorta  track and on the ACI Safe Driving Centre team. Other activities have included overseeing work for the construction of the new motor racing track in Modena (operational since 2012) and the reorganisation of the car division at the San Martino del Lago track in the province of Cremona,  which is now known as  the Cremona Circuit.

In 2010 he published a safe driving manual called "La Guida Intelligente" ("Smart Driving");  alongside this work, he developed a number of theory-based works on safe driving designed for major international groups, which were produced in slide format and on interactive CD-ROMS.

Since 2016, Luca has based his business operations at the Franciacorta race track.

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