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Innovative and dynamic road safety training courses
at the finest Italian race tracks.

smart driving

Our highly unique courses can be tailored to the smallest detail.

The underlying idea of the Il Garagino safe sports driving courses is to improve car users' driving safety through an innovative, dynamic, and appealing training course.

We offer clearly defined solutions, the success of which is immediately measurable.  Our safe driving courses aim to raise participants' awareness of hazardous situations and to teach them how to react in dangerous situations.

Participants will be provided with the safe driving handbook "La Guida Intelligente" ("Smart Driving") written by Luca Mantovani, who has worked for various major multinational groups and at Andrea de Adamich's  prestigious International Centre for Safe Driving.

performance and professionalism

  • Real goals

    With our courses we aim to teach participants correct driving techniques and heighten their awareness of the hazards that may be encountered in everyday driving.

  • The finest facilities

    We work at one of the world's most advanced tracks when it comes to  racing activities, and that is   Franciacorta race track. This spacious facility, with five fully equipped work areas including simulated obstacles (such as water walls), slide machines, and low grip surfaces, allows us to offer superior driving courses.

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